Waste Characterization

Waste Characterization

Waste is one of the four key issues in the development and operation of any mining project and specially if the project mines reactive sulphides minerals.

It is a requirement of many jurisdictions that prospective waste be characterised through the life cycle of the project as early as possible.  The earlier that the complete characterization takes place, the more effectively results can inform the engineering design of the project as well as providing a more authoritative explanation to project stakeholders.

Humidity Cells for Kinetic Testing

Prediction of most likely behaviours of different types and quantities, through the entire project life cycle is an asset in the permitting and financing of the project and allows development of realistic management plans.  This becomes even more relevant when the potential for Acid Rock Drainage (ARD) exists.

The report from the waste chracterization study is an important chapter of the ESIA.

Miguel has been involved, in different capacities, in more than fifty waste characterization projects either covering the whole or part of the cycle from samples selection, collection, design of testing programme (static and kinetic (if required)), interpretation of the results, prediction of the likely behaviour and proposed mitigation measures for the different types of waste materials.

Process of predicting the likely behaviour of waste materials

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