Mine water quality and its management

Mine water quality and its management

Water is one of the four key issues in the development and operation of any mining project and especially if the project mines reactive sulphides minerals.

The mining industry is not, as a whole, a significant consumer/user of water; but it may become a significant factor within a specific basin or environmental setting.

In general, water tends to be one of the most precious assets for any community and therefore the importance of engaging, as early as possible, in explaining the types and extent of potential impacts and mitigation options, as well as the potential benefits that the project execution might entail for the surrounding communities, is of paramount importance.

Acid Rock Drainage impacted water due to lack of management

Modern water management and recycling is a necessary condition in the short- and long-term sustainability of the project.  Contrary to other industries a limited percentage of water is consumed/ integrated into the product in the processing of minerals and therefore the potential biggest impact comes from mis-selection of the standard and treatment technologies applied to the impacted water.

Water is a fundamental topic in the ESIA of new projects.

Miguel has been involved in the likely water quality prediction of mining projects and developing strategies to optimize water management systems.  We have assisted in the selection of treatment options.

Stream where impacted water, with appropriate treatment, can be discharged to the environment

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