Due diligence, research studies and project management

Due diligence, research studies and project management

Due Diligence

ASEGEOCA has been part of multi-disciplinary teams carrying out due diligence for acquisitions, mergers and divestments.

Amongst the tasks carried out as part of the multidisciplinary team are:

  • Permitting review.
  • Adequacy and appropriateness of baseline data being used.
  • Adequacy of the Environmental Management Plan and Social and Environmental Impact Assessment.
  • Compliance with local, regional, national and international regulations and standards.
  • Adequacy of the proposed hazardous waste handling and emergency response plans, including commentary on comparison against industry recognized best practice.
  • Adequacy of the operating and post-closure reclamation and closure plans, and estimated budget, compared to relevant environmental guidelines.
  • Identification and status of host-country project permitting and environmental authorizations and comment on the likelihood and timing for obtaining any outstanding permits, licenses, and authorizations.
  • Any other relevant information to the objectives of the due diligence.

A list of the assignments carried out can be downloaded, only disclosable information.

Research Studies


  • Experience and capacity of defining, organizing and executing short- and long-term research studies involving multi-national teams and multi-targeted objectives.
  • Good contacts with Dominican, American and UK universities.
  • Always provides costing and time limits that are consistent with the triangle of death without sacrificing the quality of the research.


Project Management

Good project management practices and skills are fundamental to the delivery of project goals on time, on budget and on quality.  The achievement of the objective of complex projects is a challenge that requires clear conceptual thinking and risk management strategies at each step from project conception to final successful delivery.